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For products that perform flawlessly in punishing environments that fit your budget.
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Who We Are

Our Team

When competition is this fierce, only the strong survive.  We’ve proven our success and longevity as a top producer in this area for OVER 50 YEARS.
MCI Building
MCI Building
As a leading manufacturer of transformers in North America, we understand that today’s Industry demands that companies provide solutions quickly and accurately. Our customers have come to rely on our stability, integrity and in-depth expertise. 

Smoothing out the transition process of switching to a new supplier is what we do best at Mci Limited. Once you experience our flexibility and customer service, you'll be glad you made the switch.

At Mci Limited, ALL our team players are SUPERSTARS!  Also see: Our Capabilities
  • Our Kaizen Approach ensures our customers’ needs are met
  • Our Shipping Team are experts at package protection and are closely partnered with over 100 different carriers to ensure your order arrives safely and on time
  • Our Customer Service Team is obsessed with complete client satisfaction
  • Our Production Team is 100% dedicated to quality products manufactured in a safe ultra clean environment
  • Our Quality Control Team constantly monitors and checks all procedures to ensure the highest quality products are shipped to our customers
All our teams are dedicated to your continued success.  We look forward to becoming your trusted partner and supplier of transformers, coils, chokes and custom magnetics. 


Our History

Established in 1972, Mci Limited offers a competitive edge with over OVER 45 YEARS in the Electrical Industry. We are continuously evolving as a leading (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturer of transformers, coils and magnetics.
With a focus on QUALITY, SERVICE & PARTNERSHIP; we work with our customers to ensure that products are exceptionally well designed for quality, excellence and long life. 

Our extensive CAPABILITIES allow us to provide precision engineered winding solutions, that are high performance yet "budget friendly".  

Where We Succeed

Mci Limited competes WORLDWIDE in the Electrical market to design, develop and manufacture both standard and custom power transformers, toroidal power transformers as well as coils and switch mode transformers and chokes.   We provide technical support with solutions for a broad spectrum of product applications.
Servicing American, Canadian and International markets, we partner with a wide range of industries to deliver quality products, with proven designs that are built to last.  Given the current exchange rate between Canada and the U.S.A., Mci Limited is most competitive selling into the American market right now. 

Also see: Our Markets

How we Do Business

We are obsessed with Quality and Complete Customer Satisfaction

  • WE LISTEN carefully to your requirements
  • WE CREATE innovative designs that meet or exceed specifications
  • WE MANUFACTURE quality products on time and within budget
  • WE FOLLOW UP to ensure complete satisfaction
With over 10,000 specs in our database we have the capabilities and resources to provide you with exactly what you need. 

Standing the test of time, Mci Limited continues to thrive as a leader in North America as a custom OEM manufacturer.  With continuous hands-on efforts, Mci Limited is a strong family run business which follows the same principles now as it did back in 1972, these principles are HONESTY & INTEGRITY.
Also see: Our Markets

Why Choose Us?
At Mci Limited we have developed streamlining processes that assist new customers with the onboarding process, making it very easy to make the transition from using one supplier to using Mci Limited.
We have professionals ready to answer your questions and process the necessary requirements to ensure that we can fulfill your needs.   While our competitors issue a challenge to potential customers, to try to stump them with their toughest design challenges, we do not.  Instead, we extend our warmest invitation to potential customers to Contact Us.
You will find that once you begin working with Mci Limited, you will experience the difference our positive approach can make.   If you need a little or a lot of support throughout the changeover process, (in switching suppliers), our Customer Service Department is always with you, every step of the way.  

Our professionals make it as easy as possible for your team to work with us, we listen, make suggestions and together, we develop a plan that includes flexibility and a commitment to maintain complete Customer satisfaction, giving you the peace of mind you crave.  

Also see:Our Capabilities