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For products that perform flawlessly in punishing environments that fit your budget.
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Our Capabilities

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Our Capabilities are showcased every day, in every department, in every aspect of our work at Mci Limited. 

We offer: in-depth, comprehensive solutions, clear, concise communications and partnership advantages that save you time and money.  We take pride in offering the best total product and service, for the lowest price possible.

We streamline the onboarding process to make your business run smoothly by providing quality products with extended performance capabilities that are consistent and reliable.  Through effective listening and planning skills, we would like to develop new partnerships with your company, offering you a stress-free move, with our utmost attention to your details.

We have professionals ready to answer your questions and process the necessary requirements to ensure that we can fulfill your needs, whether you are a large or small Equipment Manufacturer or Panel Assembly Company, we’re ready to work with you.  If you crave personal service where you are treated as more than just a number, talk to us, we will show you how working with Mci Limited can be easy, efficient and profitable

Since research recently proved that 80% of North Americans agree that smaller companies place a greater emphasis on Customer Service than large businesses; we are pleased to boast that Mci Limited began as a family run business and it still maintains this original appeal.  While we have grown to be a world class competitor in the industry, the fact that we remain close to our roots, dedicated to our values of HONESTY & INTEGRITY, is a significant comparison point that separates Mci Limited from the other Transformer Manufacturers in the Industry.

You want GUARANTEED RESULTS, and that is PRECISELY what we offer you!