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Selecting a Transformer for a new design

Developing the specification for your new transformer from one of our industry standard designs is often the best starting point, then we custome it for mounting and connectivity with your system. Ease of assembly into your system is the ideal goal. Here are the essential things you need to decide when selecting a transformer for your application:

Ratings for Input & Output Voltage(s), Frequency & Current
The various areas and markets where your equipment is intended to be used will determine system ratings and operating requirements for input voltage and frequency of your transformer.  To select the proper transformer, determine the input and output voltages, frequency and current. The faster the voltage changes, the higher the frequency. The higher the current, the more heat is produced. Other equations may also apply.

Limitations on Space
In most cases the maximum dimensions for length, width and height will determine the configuration and design of the transformer. Ease and speed of installation into your system should be a priority in determining the best solution.

Connection Method

A PC mount transformer offers the least cost and ease of installation. In cases where a chassis mount is required, selecting a connection method which provides the easiest and fastest installation into your system should be a priority.

Safety Agency Compliance
Depending on the type of product and end use, the requirements for UL, CSA, and CE may vary. It is extremely important to understand the standards which cover your application and address the specific requirements during the design process.  Often the requirements of your system can be satisfied with more than one configuration. It is beneficial to evaluate various options to determine the least total cost.

Our design specialists are ready to help you find the best solution for your application. Typically new designs are developed from existing platforms to minimize lead-time and cost. Customizing for mounting and connection type is preferred to minimize handling and installation time into your system.

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